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The National Council for Adult Learning (www.ncalamerica.org) is a national public charity devoted to improving adult education and workforce skills in America. We are the successor organization to the Council for Advancement of Adult Literacy (www.caalusa.org).

NCAL conducts research, policy development, issue analysis, and symposia in all areas of Adult Education (including ESOL, healtlh literacy, distance learning, workplace education, and family literacy). We aim to support and promote comprehensive national and state planning and ROI activities, linkages between Titles I and II of WIOA, program coordination, stronger policy, professional development, instruction customized to learner needs, expanded service outreach, and innovation to meet 21st Century needs

We have two primary goals – to foster an environment more sensitive to employer workforce needs in a global economy and to help move low-skilled adults and incumbent workers toward readiness for college, self-sustaining employment, and fuller civic participation.

National Council for Adult Learning      info@ncalamerica.org
440 East 23rd Street - Ste 11c - New York, NY 10010

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